Getting to the Other Side

Believe it or not, there will be an “other side” to what we are going through right now. It will look very different than the side we started on, and adaptability and change will be critical to success.

This week’s reads and musings have common themes of traveling and adapting to that next destination. It reminds us of the work we do with our clients each day.

Enjoy these finds for the week, and stay safe, healthy, and rested.

The Good Scout Team

Reads of the Week

Are you exhausted with quarantine being the “time of growth and self-improvement” that you’re reading about on social media and elsewhere? Learning a new language. Losing 20 pounds. Taking up a musical instrument. Whew. Some of us just need to make it through to the other side. Using a story of traveling with a toddler, this article hit the spot with us. “Travel conditions are suboptimal right now. Each of us should have in mind only one goal; to arrive on the other side in one piece.” Forge – Medium

When life-altering events occur (can someone say pandemic?), they serve as a reminder we can never truly predict the future. However, shape-shifting might be the next new normal. Adaptability is a new spin on an old idea and foundational to preparing for the unknown. Forbes

Sustainability has become a priority for more and more corporations, but will it survive, thrive, or die after COVID-19? Some say the pandemic has become the wake-up call to sustainability, while others fear the financial costs of sustainability are too much in a post-pandemic world. Adweek (registration required)

Worth a Listen

Harvard Business Review’s HBR IdeaCast is a great place for engaging and informative conversations. Last week’s episode, How Marketers Can Drive Social Change and Profits, was no exception. Harvard Kennedy School senior fellow Myriam Sidibe discusses how brands are uniquely positioned to encourage shifts in consumer behavior benefiting individuals, communities, and the environment. Myriam’s article “Marketing Meets Mission” in the current HBR further explores the subject. Harvard Business Review


Good Scout of the Week

TEACHERS. We’ve known teachers are special; however, over these past two months it has become abundantly clear they are superstars with buckets of patience. We don’t have room for the links it would take to salute the over 90 million teachers in this world!


Innovation of the Week

An ingenious family reminds us that love has no bounds as they built a “Hug Time” machine that allows them to hug their great-grandmother safely.  KMOV



What We’re Watching

Now is the perfect time to watch (or rewatch for the third or fourth time!) The Biggest Little Farm. Overcoming the next to impossible is a message we could all use right now. It’s a great family film that chronicles one couple’s story of a decade of hard work, struggle, and sacrifice to see their dream become a reality. Fair warning: there might be a pet pig named Emma in your future.





One Day Can Change Your Brand For Good

It’s our mantra at Good Scout. But we don’t stop at a day. The bottom line is we believe in change, in adapting, in altering course, in realigning…and reimagining. Whatever it may be, our goal is to help our clients find the right path to success. Take a look at our expertise, and let’s find a time to connect if you find yourself or your organization at a point where a new or altered path is needed.

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