Less Talk and More Action

Conversations matter now more than ever. Creating meaningful space for dialogue is one way for each of us to better understand other points of view and how to be of service to each other. Buzzwords and jargon can get in the way of deeply vulnerable exchanges and, instead, decrease the positive energy around our collective work. This week we wanted to focus on less talk and more action. It won’t make challenging conversations easier, but it will open your hearts and minds to new ways of thinking.

The Good Scout Team

Reads of the Week

Aligning Our Purchasing Power to Create Change 
According to Google Trends data from June 1 to June 2, there was a 300% increase in “how to find black-owned businesses in my area” searches. There are more than 2.6 million black-owned businesses in the US. This surge of interest is also driving an increase in new app development (and existing apps like Black Wall Street – currently the largest platform for black-owned businesses) to highlight these businesses across the country. CNN

“Putting your money where your mouth is” was recently thought to be an emerging trend, but is quickly becoming the new norm. Consumers are asking how their goods are made and retailers, large and small, are responding by investing in ethical and eco-friendly production.  Jane Mosbacher Morris has dedicated her career to creating economic opportunities for vulnerable communities around the world. In her book Buy the Change You Want to Seeshe shares her passion and insights on how we, as consumers, can create positive change. Jane is also the founder of TO THE MARKET, a turn-key solution for ethical manufacturing and sourcing of apparel, accessories, and home goods.

Replacing Smart Talk with Smart Action  
Sometimes our need to sound smart gets in the way of communication and execution. Jargon and buzzwords can plague any organization. How do we cut through the semantics to ensure success? Stanford Social Innovation Review

Worth a Listen

This week’s episode of Ladybug Podcast features Hilliary Turnipseed, the founder of Hill Street Strategies, talking about hiring and managing diverse teams. Hilliary leads organizations through diversity and inclusion strategies and asks critical questions about hiring, creating a strong culture, and understanding how others view your organization. Here are just a few things she asks us all to better understand:

  • Have you defined diversity in your organization?
  • Are you involving your employees in how you define your values?
  • How are you creating space for feedback in your workplace?
  • Are you making assumptions? Are you speaking FOR or AT your employees? Or are you actively involving them in conversation?
  • Are you acquiring customers the same way you acquire talent?

These questions force dimension in your efforts to build more diverse teams. Different perspectives are critical to all organizations. Hilliary keeps it real about coming together and the unequivocal need for diversity of thought in our workplaces.

Good Scout of the Week

Dr. Kathy Sullivan had already made a name for herself as the first woman to walk in space. This past week, at 68-years-old, Dr. Sullivan became the first woman to travel some seven miles to the lowest part of the ocean. BBC







Innovation of the Week

BIONIC is focused on cleaning up the ocean by creating high-grade textiles and polymers made with coastal and marine plastics. BIONIC Yarn has been used by many leading fashion brands including Moncler, Chanel, Polo Ralph Lauren, and H&M.  Uses of BIONIC Yarn have stretched beyond apparel. It can also be found in verticals including automotive, footwear, décor, and luggage.

Not only is BIONIC a cool company for helping save the planet, Pharrell Williams serves as the Creative Director.

What We’re Watching

Emmanuel Acho has created a safe space to have “Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man” about race in America. Emmanuel is on a mission to provide a platform for curious white people to get answers to the questions they have but have been afraid to ask. This past week’s episode features Matthew McConaughey asking questions like, “what can I do?” and “where do I have biases I might not be aware of?” This newly created weekly series is not to be missed.



One Day Can Change Your Brand For Good

It’s our mantra at Good Scout. But we don’t stop at a day. The bottom line is we believe in change, in adapting, in altering course, in realigning…and reimagining. Whatever it may be, our goal is to help our clients find the right path to success. Take a look at our expertise, and let’s find a time to connect if you find yourself or your organization at a point where a new or altered path is needed.

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