Mic Drop: MacKenzie Scott

There are fans. There are critics. Let’s face it, giving away $1.7 billion is not going to come without its challenges. But when MacKenzie Scott announced her gift at the end of July, it set a new example of what philanthropy should look like. Out with restricted funds and in with gifts that can be used where needed most. It’s a novel idea. Trust the nonprofit you are donating to.

Will it change the way more high-net worth donors think about their gifts? In our opinion, it’s the only way to go for nonprofits to survive…and thrive. But it also comes with the need for stronger nonprofit leadership, transparency and open dialogue with donors. Time will tell. We’re excited to see the change ahead.

This week’s #ScoutingGood spotlights MacKenzie, while also giving you a glimpse of CEO’s helping each other through the pandemic, some ways to master change at any age, and a very special innovation from Lego. Happy reading!

The Good Scout Team

Reads of the Week  

Brand’s Promise of ‘Radical Transparency’ Unravels
Everlane’s brand promise of “radical transparency” has begun to unravel. From the beginning, Everlane has placed their sustainability initiatives front and center on their landing page, and you want to believe it. However, a New York Times article unmasked a work culture that is problematic at best. And it proves the critical point that companies need to first get their own houses in order before trying to transform the industry.

CEOs Helping Each Other Lead Through the Pandemic 
Being CEO, or the leader of an organization, is challenging enough, even before experiencing a generation-defining pandemic. Todd McKinnon, the CEO and co-founder of Okta, a cloud software company, explains how he has relied on a select group of CEOs to act as a sounding board during this time, as well as the key lessons that he has learned. We’ll give you a hint – it is time for all of us to let go of “returning to normal.” Fast Company

Worth a Listen

Modern life rarely follows a predictable, linear trajectory. Bruce Feiler’s new book, “Life Is in the Transitions: Mastering Change at Any Age,” explains how we can learn from others “lifequakes”, or major life transitions, and apply them to our own lives.  In the FOMO Sapiens Podcast with Patrick J. McGinnes, Feiler explains these life transitions offer valuable opportunities for us to revise the stories we tell ourselves about our life experiences and what they mean for us.

Good Scout of the Week

This week’s Good Scout dropped the mic on philanthropic giving. MacKenzie Scott donated $1.7B with a focus towards organizations that value diversity, innovation and speed. But, what’s unique about the donations is that there are no strings-attached. Here’s to MacKenzie for paving the way for what future philanthropic giving should look like. Fast Company



Innovation of the Week

Lego, in conjunction with The Royal National Institute of Blind People, is releasing a set of braille bricks for visually impaired children.  David Clarke, the director of the institute, is quoted as saying, “Thanks to this innovation, children with vision impairment will be able to learn Braille and interact with their friends and classmates in a fun way, using play to encourage creativity while learning to read and write.” Upworthy


What We’re Watching

Taste the Nation with Padma Lakshmi on Hulu uses food as a platform to share the stories of immigrants’ journeys to the US. The ten-episode docuseries examines how immigrants shaped what we’ve come to know as “American” cuisine and how they preserved their culture through traditional dishes.






One Day Can Change Your Brand For Good

It’s our mantra at Good Scout. But we don’t stop at a day. The bottom line is we believe in change, in adapting, in altering course, in realigning…and reimagining. Whatever it may be, our goal is to help our clients find the right path to success. Take a look at our expertise, and let’s find a time to connect if you find yourself or your organization at a point where a new or altered path is needed.

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