Sincerely, Your Loyal Donors

All nonprofits have loyal donors and supporters, but many of these people are struggling right now. They are frustrated by social media posts and appeal letters that are being received on a regular basis. This “letter” below might be from one of your donors. It’s time to think of how your fundraising efforts could be perceived during this stressful time. What can your organization offer your loyal supporters during this crisis?

Dear My Favorite Cause,

What a crazy time we are in. I hope you and your team are doing well and staying safe and healthy as you continue your great work.

I’ve received your emails and your latest letter to me in yesterday’s mail. It sounds like you all are in desperate need of funds right now, which concerns me greatly. While I want to continue and even expand my support, I am not sure why you are so desperate for funding right now.

You have painted a picture that makes me question the organization’s fiscal responsibility over the years. I would hope that after 9/11 and the market situation in 2008 contingency plans might be in place for times when resources are tight. The work you do is important to me, but it’s not one easily identified as on the front lines of the current pandemic.

Right now, I would love to just hear from you. I’m struggling (as I know many of you and your team are). My husband and I are living day by day, waiting to hear the fate of our jobs. I just can’t make a donation at this time, but I want to stay closely connected to you.

We’re looking for things to fill our time right now. We were saying this week that it would be so fun to have a great jigsaw puzzle to work on that brings your mission to life. That beautiful photography we so enjoy would be such a nice diversion to all that is happening. Or even a weekly crossword puzzle that you send our way that focuses on the mission and reminds us of the positive work we support. I’ve even seen a few organizations getting their celebrities involved. I would love to have a Q&A with the celebrities who you’ve touted as big supporters over the years. That would make my day and take my mind off of all that is happening.

More than anything, it would be great to get a phone call from you all to just check-in. We’d love to hear from you. It’s a hard time for all of us. And we’d love to see how you all are doing, as well.

What I know is this. I love you and your mission. You are dear to my heart. And I know all of this will settle out in the coming months. And when it does…and when I know my family and I are in a good place, we are going to celebrate all we are thankful for and make sure we send you a nice donation in that spirit.

Until then, just show us love and appreciation. We’re yearning for it. And I assure you we’ll remember it for years to come.

You and your team take care. Looking forward to more updates and to hearing from you soon.

Your Loyal Donor