New Directions in Nonprofit and Corporate Collaboration for Greater CSR Impact

An illustration of hands reaching toward one another to grasp an object where they meet, representing potential in nonprofit and corporate CSR partnerships.

In the nonprofit sector, it can be tempting to think that corporate trends or changes in consumer culture are not relevant to your day-to-day, mission-centered work. After all, as a purpose-driven organization, there are distinct and unique ways you interact with your supporters and market your mission. But in reality the corporate landscape and in […]

What Impact Consultants Want Nonprofit Boards and Leaders to Act on Today

Conceptual image of nonprofit boards and leaders as ships navigating changes.

Stuck in a loop? You’re not alone. It’s easy to get swept up in the day-to-day, sometimes focusing more on keeping up than truly advancing. This cycle can leave nonprofit boards and leaders treading water, facing the same challenges repeatedly without making the desired progress. We asked two seasoned experts to each pinpoint a key […]

It’s a Politically Volatile Election Year. How is Your Nonprofit Adapting?

election year buttons with the year 2024

Perhaps you’ve picked up on the fact that we’re not just in any old election year. Oh no. We’re barreling toward what might be among the most volatile presidential elections in U.S. history. Amid heightened political tension, the path forward for nonprofits is challenging but navigable with thoughtfulness and preparation. For those looking to engage […]

Recognizing When You Need Change Management in Your Nonprofit Organization

Conceptual graphic of nonprofit change management. Group of paper airplanes flying in different directions with one plane passing through with success.

One of the most significant challenges in any organization is dealing with change. Developing processes, implementing strategies, creating programs—all of these things are far simpler in the face of an unchanging, static environment. But amid a rapidly moving digital landscape, shifting consumer expectations, social and political events, and internal organizational transitions, nonprofit leaders can be […]

Program-Fundraising Collaboration Fuels Impactful Narratives — and How to Organize Your Impact Storytelling Assets

Nonprofit professionals plan their impact storytelling strategy in a conference room.

Impact storytelling is constantly top-of-mind for fundraisers as nonprofit organizations and teams look for ways to forge deeper connections with donors. This article delves into how authentic narratives and strategic communication can enhance donor engagement, offering ideas for nonprofits seeking to strengthen supporter relationships with minimal additional effort. Good Scout Senior Strategist Cindy Jones-Nyland shares […]

Uniting Mission Delivery Staff and Fundraisers for Maximum Impact

Mission Delivery and Fundraising: Two Peas in a Pod

One of the most common issues we see in nonprofit organizational development is a disconnect between mission delivery teams and fundraising teams. While both departments serve a crucial component of the organization, disengagement between the two areas—often entirely unintentional—can have a profoundly negative impact on the momentum of the mission. More often than not, this […]

Building a Solid Corporate Partnership Pipeline for Your Nonprofit

Corporate partnership pipeline building starts with internal criteria and alignment

Corporate partnerships can be a crucial tool in the pocket of nonprofit organizations for many reasons. Both parties offer unique assets, creating a mutually beneficial alliance that resonates with the mission of both entities. But establishing a solid corporate partnership pipeline comes with complexities for nonprofit organizations seeking new corporate partners or revisiting their partnership […]

How to Amplify Your Impact Through Meaningful, Sustainable Corporate Partnerships

Evolve your corporate partnerships from transactional to transformational.

Corporate partnerships can often be perceived as a necessary but inconvenient part of nonprofit fundraising, project management, and marketing. Amid programming and fundraising, human resources, and systems development, the micro-goals on your organization’s to-do list are endless, which may leave your partnership agreements feeling a bit flat. The reality is that thoughtful partnerships can be […]

Why Effective Social Impact Requires Enterprise-Wide Strategic Planning and Internal Alignment

Aligning your organization internally to maximize impact is an ongoing process. From small nonprofit start-ups to major legacy organizations, every group faces the tension of ensuring their strategic planning is integrated throughout departments and unifying around a single purpose.  Good Scout Group President and Managing Partner Charisse Brown Marcus shares her expertise on building bridges […]