Why Effective Social Impact Requires Enterprise-Wide Strategic Planning and Internal Alignment

Aligning your organization internally to maximize impact is an ongoing process. From small nonprofit start-ups to major legacy organizations, every group faces the tension of ensuring their strategic planning is integrated throughout departments and unifying around a single purpose.  Good Scout Group President and Managing Partner Charisse Brown Marcus shares her expertise on building bridges […]

Driving Brand Affinity Through Your Social Impact Strategy

When it comes to brand strategy to build brand affinity, it’s tempting to focus solely on the surface facets of branding. But building trust with your audience through genuine emotional connection and shared values is an essential prelude to cultivating growth within your organization. Good Scout Group Senior Strategist Evelyn Allen shares how a well-developed […]

An Inflection Point in Social Impact: ‘We Need a Collaboration-First Mindset’

2023 Key Takeaway: Collaborative efforts—alliances or mergers, collaborations, impact investing, and more—will become the front lines of strategic action for generating social impact. This article is part of our series, The Outlook on Impact: Movements and Moments We’re Betting On in 2023. Check back for additional topics.     As social impact consultants, we get […]

Aligning Your Social Impact Strategy With Your Organization’s Brand Culture

When designing or carrying out your company’s social impact strategy, considering aspects of your brand and culture can help you realize an approach that is well-aligned with your business and that will better resonate with your audiences—from customers and consumers, to employees, to other stakeholders. Good Scout Group Advisor and Senior Strategist Erin Dawkins has […]