Nationwide Insurance

Discovering corporate purpose and identifying a social impact ‘North Star’

Culture, Branding, and Positioning / Social Impact Strategy and Integration


Nationwide Insurance realized its strategic philanthropy from the Nationwide Insurance Foundation and various donations from the C-suite were not enough to create change and social impact among its customers, employees, and other stakeholders. They needed to take a deep dive into their company’s purpose culture and find the “North Star” for social good.


After exhaustive research, competitive landscape work, and market trend analysis, Good Scout honed in on childhood injury prevention as a competitive differentiator. We developed guiding principles, best practices, employee engagement tactics, and consumer activation opportunities, alongside ongoing consulting on cause marketing and grassroots engagement for the program.


The result was the creation of the Make Safe Happen platform, the nation’s leading childhood injury prevention collaboration among multiple entities, influencers, and organizations. The platform launched with national advertising, PR, and social media, and the first-ever app of its kind. We created a strategy that gave the spotlight to Nationwide Insurance to be recognized as a leading company in social impact and community change.